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We help spouses, significant others, and other loved ones of high achievers heal from the trauma, emotional struggles, and relationship issues that are unique to being partnered with a highly successful partner. We can help you navigate the challenges and nuances of co-creating the enduring emotional intimacy that everyone wants from a healthy, thriving partnership.

From the outside, your life looks great

You seem like the perfect couple. Yet despite all the accomplishments, inside the relationship, you often feel alone, confused, and unfulfilled. You want a strong bond with your partner–a meaningful, intimate relationship–but that seems like an elusive goal that is out of reach.  You know it is possible because your partner was so unbelievably loving and connected in the beginning—if only you could get back to that. 

You have great empathy, yet it feels like your partner undermines many of your efforts to connect and deepen the relationship. The more you try to please, the more they seem to one-up you, put you down, make you feel like you are crazy, withhold affection, gaslight you, or give you the silent treatment.

Slowly, over time, you’ve lost yourself and you are now ready to find a joyful you again.  We can help you rediscover your self-worth, so you can confidently engage in your full life.

Engage life with confidence and joy

Life Enrichment Resources, PLLC is a private, specialty practice with more than 55 combined years of clinical experience with high potential and high performing clients. We partner with high achievers who have experienced trauma or addiction, and their loved ones, on their journey from self-discovery to enrichment. If you are deeply committed to growth and development, we can help you take your recovery and your relationship to the next level: healthy, fulfilling, thriving.

We are the personal growth and relationship development center for clients with high-demand, high-stress careers.

Our clients include top executives, professional athletes, pilots, surgeons, lawyers, and military special forces, all across the United States. We provide a safe, caring, non-judgmental space where high performing individuals and their loved ones can develop the tools and skills to transform their relationships.

Whether your relationship struggles stem solely from your loved one’s difficulties or include other factors like codependency, anxiety, depression, love or sex addiction, workaholism, PTSD, bipolar, grief, perfectionism, fear of intimacy or commitment, painful childhood experiences such as abandonment, abuse, neglect, alcoholism, or family dysfunction–we can help you along the path toward healing and wholeness.

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Our approach

We believe that everyone operates somewhere along the Relationship Wellness Continuum™, moving forward or backward based on your own experiences, capabilities, and life circumstances. We meet you where you are, move with you through the process of change, and help you to create meaning and joy in life!

Life Is Painful

Experiencing difficulties with relationships, physical health, mental health, dependence and/or addiction, etc.

Life Has Healing

Wants healing and relief from a painful disorganized life; better techniques, tools, and skills.

Life has Meaning

Gains relief from pain of the past; greater self-understanding and fulfillment; healthy, meaningful connections.

Life Is Thriving

Life and love are manageable! Uses tools and skills effortlessly. Dream. Learn. Grow. Laugh. Love.

We help you break free from the repetitive, destructive patterns that hold you back. We’ll help you discover all that life can offer, supporting as you learn this new way of living, where relationships thrive.

Where are you currently operating, on the Relationship Wellness Continuum™?

An authentic, wholehearted
life can be yours

Your partner has always accomplished extraordinary things. Now it’s time to allow yourself the internal rewards and satisfaction that come with deeply loving yourself, too.

Live the life you’ve Imagined

Many of our clients and their partners lead remarkably successful lives. They’re at the top of their game, in the top of their field. But a “perfect life” at the top can be isolating and lonely. It can be hard to confide in anyone about relationship struggles.

We’ve led countless couples through a process of self-discovery, illuminating the blind spots and pitfalls that keep even the smartest people stuck in unhealthy life and relationship patterns. With empathy and honesty, we can help make sense of any dysfunction you grew up in and how it impacts your life now.

For years, you have lived a life that most people envy. Now, it’s time to create an authentic relationship that you truly love.

Our therapist

Voted “Best Couples Therapist in the Triangle” by Indy Week, we are the trusted confidant to some of the most elite, high performing individuals and couples across the United States.

Paige Armstrong, MSW, LCSW

Founder, Pyschotherapist,
Coach, Speaker

Sarinia Bishop

Sarinia Bishop

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW

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