Counseling / Psychotherapy

Healing for high achieving individuals and/or their loved ones wanting relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, bipolar or other mental illness.




Want to move from surviving to thriving in life and love? Let one of our expert therapists help.

We LOVE helping you!  Having someone to talk to can offer extra support and be life-changing for individuals and those currently in relationships. Life Enrichment Resources, PLLC provides a warm, non-judgmental, trusting and collaborative environment where you can heal, learn, grow and move toward your best life.

Our Specializations: dysfunctional relationships, alcohol or drug abuse, abandonment issues, codependency, adult children of alcoholics, love or sex addiction, fear of intimacy or commitment, anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, bipolar, adverse childhood event (abuse and emotional neglect), trauma, chronic overspending, workaholism, perfectionism, grief or loss of a loved one, feelings of unworthiness or “not good enough”, loneliness, or other significant life transition.

Individual Counseling

Learn to thrive with self-love! By committing to and engaging in a process of self-discovery, you can uncover the blind spots that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy life and relationship patterns. We compassionately help you make sense of the dysfunction you grew up in, how it is impacting your life now, and help you integrate new skills and tools to create a life you love.

Couples Counseling

Evolve to your highest relationship potential! By committing to and engaging in the process of couple’s counseling, you can discover the unhealthy relational dynamics that are sabotaging your ideal relationship. Learn how to co-create a healthy, fulfilling partnership of love, intimacy, connection, and trust.

Virtual Counseling – Tele Mental Health

With our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, you can engage in individual or couples therapy from anywhere that you have access to a computer or cell phone.  This is an excellent option for people who travel, have a demanding schedule or are home bound. Note: The client receiving services must be in North Carolina to be eligible for reimbursement from insurance.  If you are not in the State of North Carolina, but would like virtual services, please look at our Virtual Coaching options.

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