Sarinia Bishop

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Sarinia Bishop, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is safe haven for you to explore, discover and heal the authentic you. After a long day of being what the world needs you to be, here together is where we unmask and uncover who you truly are–here is where happiness lives. I have a passion for the therapeutic process by deconstructing learned behavior and patterns and bringing blind-spots into awareness so that motivated clients can make conscious changes and show up in the world, life and relationships joyfully engaged as your true self.

My expertise includes working with high achieving individuals, families, couples, groups and geriatric populations with codependency, addiction (alcohol, drug, sex, food, work and perfectionism), trauma (adverse childhood experiences, betrayal, relational, abuse, neglect), and relationships. I provide a warm and non-judgmental environment to help heal.

It is my honor to collaborate with you on your journey from self-discovery to enrichment so that you fully experience the joy and well-being of the person you and your relationships are truly meant to be.