Our Approach

Life Enrichment Resources, PLLC’s approach to helping you understand relationship wellness is from a Relationship Wellness Continuum™ perspective. On one end of the continuum is what society traditionally views as mentally well and living optimally with connected and thriving relationships. On the extreme opposite end of the continuum is what society views as severely mentally ill and emotionally unstable with toxic or unfulfilling relationships.

Our philosophy is that everyone operates and functions somewhere on this continuum and has most likely moved up and down it, depending on the current state of mental, emotional, social, physical, financial, and/or spiritual circumstances. The Life Enrichment Resources team provides therapeutic intervention, educational support, and coaching accountability opportunities that can help transform your life and move you to the optimal end of life’s continuum, with the ability to establish the thriving relationships you want!

We work with singles and couples who desire and are committed to getting to living their best life. Perhaps trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, bipolar, compulsive spending, or fear of intimacy have affected your ability to create, establish and sustain loving and enriching relationships. We can help you “dis the dysfunction™” and break long-held patterns, which then allows you to be emotionally healthy and available, find the right partner, and reach fulfillment in your current relationships.

Whether struggling interpersonally or satisfied with your relationships, Life Enrichment Resources can meet you where you are on the continuum. We will support you in integrating the new skills and tools necessary to move you and your loved one from “surviving to thriving” to the type of life – and loving relationships – you desire.