Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life - December 3

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Overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of juggling career, kids, social activities, finances, and a relationship/marriage?
Are “YOU” included in your priority list?



Only $49 per individual – a $30 savings!

Registration Fee $79 per individual.


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What are Chakras?

If you have ever attended yoga class or read any of the myriad of books about spirituality these days, certainly the concept of Chakras has been introduced to you. Chakras are believed to be the psychic energy centers that essentially govern the human body. The term originates from Sanskrit and means “wheels,” with each Chakra point being located in seven different parts of the anatomy starting at the base of the spine and proceeding up to the crown of the head. The concept of a wheel likely relates to the idea of circulation, with Chakras being seven bodily points for the circulation of vital energies within our bodies, (both physical and otherwise). It has been believed for eons that through Yoga and other practices, one can unite these centers of vitality with the ultimate result being peace, harmony and the experience of wholeness and overall well-being.

Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life

Does your life feel out of balance? Are you overwhelmed with all the day-to-day responsibilities of juggling a career and kids, social activities, finances, and your relationship/marriage? An important question to ask is this: Does your priority list include “YOU” within it? If you crave a sense of balance, a renewal of passion and energy and added motivation and clarity to your life, then allow me to introduce Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life, a program that can give you the requisite knowledge, tools, and techniques to attain a conscious and deliberate LOVE of YOURSELF and of LIFE!

Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life helps open the doors to a newly vital and invigorating force for life through the application of Chakra energy work, enabling all who are motivated to reclaim their true selves and to experience a fulfilling sense of creative expression and the attainment of physical, mental and emotional excellence!

Just 2 Hours for a NEW YOU!

Many of us can easily feel overwhelmed by all the “doing” and striving for success in our lives, but one must ask what the purpose of all this might be… What is it that we truly desire and, if we are constantly occupied or even obsessed with the idea of “getting ahead in life,” how will we ever enjoy a single moment of whatever it is that we are working toward? And, perhaps you might ask yourself, what is the ultimate goal of all this frenetic and often frenzied action? Should you be highly motivated by the need to do it all, including the goal of professional success, the personal pursuits of parenthood, and the embrace of loving and fulfilling relationships of all kinds, then this workshop is exactly for you! If you seem to never feel satisfied and are often run down and overwhelmed, then the time to act is NOW! At the very least, if you are curious to learn about Chakras and how they can help you practice balancing your life and self, then take that proverbial leap of faith and join us in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental workshop where you will be free to truly be yourself and to fully experience the benefits of Chakra Balancing. By engaging in this introductory offering, you will be gifted with:

  • A Potent Connection with your Most Authentic and True Self
  • Newly Restored Energy
  • A Powerful Understanding and Realization of Self-Love
  • The Release of Stress and Energy Blockages
  • Increased Mental Clarity and Emotional Well-Being
  • A New and Deeper Love for Yourself, Family, and Friends
  • The Healing of Past Trauma and/or Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns
  • Overall Joy, Fulfillment and Life Balance
  • And the Freedom to be the Real YOU!

Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life:

With the commitment, exploration and participation in this two-hour adventure you can:

  • Learn about the Seven Different Chakra Points and their Individual Meanings
  • Explore each Chakra, how they relate to one another, and Discover the Importance of How Each affects your Overall Well-Being.
  • Identify and Feel your Own Chakras and Learn to Create Balance and Realignment.
  • Discover the Tools Necessary to Help in Creating a Life that is marked by Balance, New Passion and Energy, Motivation and Clarity.
  • Practice and Perfect the Skills needed for the Free Flow of Energy throughout your Body.
  • Be Coached by Reiki Master/Teacher, Timea Leach, LPC-A, through various Techniques with the opportunity for Immediate Feedback and Support.

NOW is the Time (And It Always is!)

Bonus: Upon registration, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win the “Freedom to be YOU” package:
– 3 full 50 minute sessions of chakra balancing with Reiki ($255 value)
Must be present to win.

Event Details:
Registration Fee: $79.00 per individual

Register by November 23, 2015, and pay only $49.00 per person!

NOTE: All materials, handouts and refreshments are included.

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December 3, 2015 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm EST(GMT+00:00)


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