Chakras are our subtle energy vortexes that reside near our physical bodies. Subtle energies can be understood by the way things affect our emotions, our thinking and our physical health. It is important to know that even though this energy is not visible it can be experienced. For example, when you walk into a room or meet a person, you instantly feel a connection or an uneasy feeling. This means the chakras are communicating with you about the subtle energies in the room or near the person.

The word Chakra means “wheel of light”. It refers to the energy around and within all life forms. It is said that minerals and crystals contain one chakra that conducts energy in and out of their living substance; animals have up to three chakras; and humans have seven major chakras and twenty-one minor chakras.

Chakras are the key to bring balance to physical health, emotional stability, and mental clarity. Each chakra corresponds with many different qualities and substances. For instance, each chakra resonates with a color, musical note, physical and emotional ailments.

The lower chakras fall into the category of magnetic energy while the upper chakras are electrical in nature.

The lower three chakras are known as the feminine chakras/energy and their function is specifically receptive. They take in energy from Mother Earth and the environment. The lower chakras tie us to family, clan, tribe, and community. These chakras carry the patterns of our ancestors, disease and health, as well as courage and survival skills.

The upper four chakras are known as the masculine chakras/energy. They are primarily concerned with giving energy out in the form of love, communication, healthy attitudes and inner reflection.

These chakras are interdependent. When one chakra shuts down, the others will compensate in maintaining the life force.

Chakras are the ladder of love that takes us from the lowest and most base aspect of life, which is survival, to the highest realm of consciousness, healing and bliss. If we limit our thinking and existence, then our energy field will be small and narrow. When something happens to us that slows down our flow of life energy, the chakras slow down activity and the energy becomes sluggish, and even stagnant. Chronic shortages of energy can lead to illnesses. If the situation continues for some time, the chakras need stimulation to become active again. Our health and well-being depend on active chakras.