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to Life Enrichment Resources - a personal growth and development company providing cutting edge life coaching, psychotherapy, workshops, seminars, and educational literature in the areas of individual development.   We are focused on the subtle interior aspects of human development that create optimal living and are dedicated to growth, creativity, emotional fulfillment, and mental wellness.  Our passion is helping you to do the same. 

We invite you to explore the variety of different services that we provide to aid in your personal growth, and experience first hand with a FREE CONSULTATION, how Life Enrichment Resources is unique.  We are truly privileged to join you in your journey to honor you and your best life!


COACHING: Life Coaching is NOT psychotherapy.  This service is for anyone that is functioning moderately to extremely well in life and desires to bring deeper enrichment and achievement to their life in at least one of the following areas:  financial, emotional, mental, social, physical, and/or spiritual. Just as an athlete develops their skills, talents, and abilities in their sport through the support of a coach, so can you in the game of life with the support of a Life Coach.  We help you recognize the goals you really want to achieve, collaborate to develop a plan for getting you there, and support you while "exercising the muscles" to your success. 

PSYCHOTHERAPY: This service is for anyone that is functioning mildly to moderately well and could benefit from relief of symptoms that are impacting their personal, social, occupational relationships, physical health, and/or emotional and spiritual well being.  These symptoms may include: depression, anxiety, addiction, overspending, trauma, life transitions (divorce, loss/grief), and more.  By having a skilled professional to talk to, you can alleviate the symptoms and live a life of joy, fulfillment and purpose.  Psychotherapy can be life changing and positively impact the quality of your relationships, physical health, emotional fulfillment, mental wellness, spiritual value and LIFE!

NEW - WORKSHOPS & TELECLASSES:  Our workshops and teleclasses are designed to provide valuable information in a concise format to anyone who desires to learn new techniques and skills that will bring greater fulfillment and enrichment to their life.  We offer a variety of topics to choose from and frequently update our calendar with new courses.  Our workshops and teleclasses can be utilized independent of or in conjunction with coaching or therapy.   These workshops and teleclasses are excellent for anyone with limited time, energy, money, or resources, but still desire the benefits of personal growth that comes with investing in your self.  

COMING SOON - LITERATURE and OTHER RESOURCES:  As an added service, we will have the grand opening of our Resource Room where you can explore books, workbooks, and other resources that support your personal growth and development.  See something that speaks to you?  We made it convenient for you to purchase directly from us at a discounted rate. 

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